I’ve finnished the course at uni and have now duly collpased. I suppose now I know my body can’t cope with as much as I think it can. Though things are getting better now I’ve had a few days doing sweet FA/yelling at the Prince of Persia. The little voices and feelings of frustration and wanting to escape my own body /self destruction and general insane brain swirling thoughts that pop up when I’m tired and stressed have gone (almost) , the aches are still here, I feel like I’ve done some amazing workout; I have done 30 mins on wiifit and my pain au chocolate habit whilst on the course has now tipped me into Michelin Man midrif territory.

I also got an appt with ATOS who will probably tell me I’m fit for work becuase I can turn a tap and am mentally astute enough to question to ethics of a private company making millions from taxpayers money by doing a half arsed job, with many of thier initial decisions being overturned at appeal thus costing even more money; whilst genuinely ill people are denied the pittance of state support they get by way of  a ‘medical’ assesment by said incompetent private company, that ignores the evidence from their own doctors, all for ‘saving money’. Government logic.


Feel free to comment, I do love a good debate

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