Nothing nicer on cold winter days than snuggly knitwear

I do love a big bulky jumper but layering finer knits can offer cosiness without the mummified Michelin tyre man look and subsequent woe of realising your arms now don’t fit in your coat without restricting your pose to that of a scarecrow.

Uniqlo knitwear is always a bargain, a pure new wool cardigan for around £20! I always stock up when I’m in London as sadly they closed their non London stores a couple of years ago leaving me somewhat bereft.

The Primark dress is a new purchase and I love it, yeh yeh primark are evil yadda yadda but I’m poor and cheap dammit. It’s comfy and fitted without being too clingy. I love the contrast between the two shades dammit, hues of grey (I will not buy into you know what) and the textures, the cardigan is fluffier, getting a bit bobbly and well worn in as all cosy knitwear does, and the dress is a slinkier, sleeker, newer not yet been through the washing machine knit with a horizontal marl pattern, flecked with black, that is almost stripy.

I love hats

Yes berets are a bit hipster cliche and this is a poor, overpriced american apparel doesn’t stretch as much so can’t get all my hair in it if it’s tied up so it’s dependent of the ‘do replacement for a lovely fluffy mohair one I wore for years before abandoning it to a the sadly too common fate amongst my hats of accidentally leaving it in a pub. Still some lucky person got a nice free hat, I hope they appreciate it.

The boots, from Office, are one of my winter bargains; real leather for the price of PU and rarely for an online shoe purchase they fit perfectly, the shoe gods were on my side for once. They soles are a bit slippy, though so they haven’t been great for the slippery ice of doom or slippery leaf mush of doom so common this time of year and hence not worn as much as they should have been.

White Tights, White Light

The tights, an old pulled out of the bottom of the drawer pair, one of my many pairs of white/off white tights purchased when I was going through a white tights phase. I still love white tights, they have an innocent feel and are a bit 60s too; don’t wear them with new black boots though, I have ruined a few pairs that way. Sometimes I swear thick tights ar

e warmer than trousers on chilly days! I’m a fan of tights that go up to under my bra, as these do but you’re not getting a pic of that, because they are cosy, give a marginally sleeker silhouette and don’t do that horrid thing where the waistband suddenly snaps and rolls down when you’re walking along leading to emergency public undergarment adjustment or developing an amusing walk to try and stop the crotch dropping to your ankles. Tights are seldom sexy anyway.


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