Lately I’ve not been up to writing much so I’ve started to doodle, admittedly my artisitc talent is a tad lacking, but here they are, mood doodles illustrating my mental health:


The Mood Swing

Mood swing doodle, consisting of a swing on a tree in various positions; up & happy mood, in the middle , not moving 'apathy' , swinging very high 'very excited mood', swing stalled and person fallen off 'very depressed mood' , an empty space where the swing should be 'WTF?' mood

How My Brain handles a Supposedly Simple Task

Diagram showing 'MY brain'  with a very wiggly line, in loops and dead ends going from A- B and then back again. A  'normal' brain showing a line going from A to B straightforwardly with only a small dip for 'a cup of tea' The Forest of Endless Distraction

A doodle showing a small stick figure in a forrest, various scenes show being distracted by a pine cone, an interestingly shaped clod of dirt, noisy trees and stream, the whirpool of wandering thoughts and sign posts to somweher but you forget where labelled 'whatevs' , 'stuff' and 'blah'


Feel free to comment, I do love a good debate

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