One of the side effects of my medication (venlafaxine) is the dullness I get everything seems muted and I’m not quite sure I feel like myself anymore. I have no spark, my brain is so slow,  everything just crawls along. People comments on how stable I am, I just feel beyond bland and useless as if my brain has been medicated into some sort of submissive porridge.

It’s why I haven’t blogged for ages, I just can’t think of anything, or I can think of things but I can’t transfer it from my brain to the page. Work has been a struggle too, even after a lovely holiday I now feel this big lump of grey sludge descending as I spend hours trying to do the simplest tasks and concentrate beyond five milliseconds.

It’s just so draining trying to be ‘normal’ I feel like I don’t have any energy left for anything else.



  1. maryeng1 says:

    listen to madness radio by a psychiatry survivor.

    you may find a perspective towards embracing neuro-diversity to inspire and enliven.

    i just discovered this but am so happy to know he is freeing people from the shackles of despair.

  2. […] hope for is ‘making you function as a vague approximation of a human being’.  I know I moan about my medication a lot on here, they can have terrible side effects and finding the right medication at the right dosage takes […]

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