I am having an out of sync day. My mind is whizzing round so fast I can almost feel it and my body is slow, slow, ‘can I have a nap please?’ slow.

I never know how to cope in these moments, I try to let my brain do it’s thing get out the creative energy when I have it before it all goes to mush and nothingness again, but when my body wants to rest, to do nothing, it’s hard.I risk burning out by doing much, especially due to my history with M.E/CFS and my whole life being a series of roller coaster up and down-y phases, but when I get that spark I just can’t stop it, it feels too cruel, knowing how awful I feel without it, it needs to be listened to and let loose even though my body doesn’t agree half the time.

Sometimes I wish my mind and body would be one person and not try to be about 10 at once all wanting contradictory things, stomping around being divas demanding I pay attention to them, right now dammit!


Feel free to comment, I do love a good debate

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