Just a few days after writing my post about Language and Rape Culture another gem of rape culture crops up, deliberate mis-reporting and misrepresentation of  news that false rape accusations are indeed very rare. It is particularly disturbing this occurred on Newsbeat, the Radio 1 news strand aimed at a teen and young adult audience. An audience already deprived of any decent education about consent and abuse. I’m not going to link to the BBC but instead the F word which covers the story and explains why it is bullshit.  Glosswitch also eloquently explains why this focus is distorted, away from the truth that rape is the norm and false allegations are not, rape culture switches this.

Just another example that we live in a rape culture. That ‘male’ is the default lens through which our world is filtered, this is a perfect example of how society and rape culture twists the truth to make it more palatable to rape apologists and rapists. We’ve not moved on much from the age old tropes of devious, malicious women aiming to hurt the poor ickle men as much as we can. Women are painted as manipulative, overly emotional, witches, fundamentally untrustworthy, liars. In patriarchy, in rape culture we are never to be believed. On the rare occasion rape culture admits us to be victims of male violence and oppression, as opposed to devious, delusional manipulative harpies who are making it up to ruin a poor man’s life, we obviously brought it on ourselves. If only we’d not been women, none of this would ever have happened!  It is after all up to us, it is not the job of men to control their own behaviour.

Macbeth_illustration5_midPity the poor menz, forever Macbeth, incapable of making their own decisions they are manipulated into committing evil deeds for their own benefit, but only because some evil witches and a nagging wife made them do it! As Anita Sarkeesian points out in her ‘Evil Demon Seductress’  tropes vs women; “The harmful misogynist myth that this trope reinforces is that women primarily use their so-called sexual power as a way to manipulate, trick and control men. This fallacy is widespread and pervasive and some men even claim that women hold more power in society purely based on this absurd myth”.  Patriarchy loves to cast men in roles of no control, creating a false sense of victimhood and being ‘manipulated’ by women. MRA’s and other assorted misogynist douchenuggets love to assert that, despite being woefully under represented in almost every position of power ever from the media, law, politics, business etc, women are the ones who really control things by manipulating their poor innocent husbands and lovers. According to this trope women have magical vaginas men crave and we know this and manipulate men into doing our bidding, from forcing them to pay for dinner and shower us with gifts  before we will even think of sex to using our children and malicious lies to gain custody and lavish divorce settlements. It is exactly this age old cacophony of bullshit that is behind false allegation myths. Apart from the fact this is a conspiracy on a par with the aliens built the pyramids from behind the grassy knoll, it once again frames women’s entire existence from the viewpoint of men. Women are afforded no desire of their own, god forbid they be lesbian or asexual, the mere fact this ‘power’ we supposedly have in this scenario can only be accessed via men shows just show utterly sexist and misogynist it is, and even if it were true it would not mean women have power, power is not power if you have to defer it, if you have to access through someone else as you are deemed incapable of it in your own right. They do not think that if women were granted equal power in their own right then there would be no need for ‘manipulation’ anyway? It is not women who asserted that a woman’s only worth is via her attractiveness to men, once again this is patriarchy complaining about shit patriarchy invented, but finding a way to blame it on women. Yawn.

Patriarchy, whilst asserting the all powerful role of the male simultaneously seeks to cast men in the role of perpetual toddlers in mid tantrum, demanding women look after them and offering little back but screams about how it’s so unfair. This dichotomy appears to me to be a way of muffling that control, keeping it by presenting a face to the world that says ‘but look we’re helpless really! Look women do all the real work and have all the power! How can you hate us?’,  just more gas lighting from patriarchy attempting to shift the focus , yet again, onto men.



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