After being fed up the dr and psychiatrist never listen to me I decided to reduce my medication anyway, I was tapering due to the usual being disorganised with repeat prescriptions and felt ok. So far I am feeling my mind is more alive but I feel a bit up and down but I’m not sure if that’s meds or the result of life stuff, being very busy then having not very much to do; I always tend to feel a bit weird when that happens. Time will tell as always. But I’ve been able to write creatively again which is amazing, less so when it keeps me awake at night but I have missed it really having a brain instead of porridgey lumps.



  1. Hi,
    I came off meds myself too, but I didn’t reduce them, just went cold turkey! First two weeks were horrible, I was very ill both mentally and physically but then I became hyperactive for another 2 weeks. After 4 weeks I balanced out again, no dips, no highs and since then (Jan 2012) I have been the best ever! I wouldn’t say it works for everyone, I know someone who did it too and he became very ill. Maybe if you stick with it, reducing slowly and stay really positive it may help you find more of your self again :) xXx

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