A little blog about Self Injury Awareness Day- which is full of triggers and discussion on SI so please be aware and look after yourselves.

Raising awareness is excellent. Self Injury is very misunderstood, it’s perhaps one of the things I talk about the least. It freaks people out, even if they are understanding they generally don’t want to hear about it. It upsets people, understandable I suppose, no one likes to think of people they care about hurting themselves. I suppose I bottle it up sometimes, it’s harder to tell people than ‘I feel depressed’.

Though the flip side of raising awareness, it raises an awful lot of raw , painful emotions in people with a history of SI. It can trigger, it can set you off again. That is why I am in two minds about the whole thing, especially myriad retweets and mentions. That said the misconceptions, the horrible, unfunny and triggering ‘waaah I’ll slit my wrists’ bullshit  ’emo’ jokes ‘ hurt. The attitudes of health professionals who should know better hurt. The sly looks at your scars hurt.

So in short, yes awareness is a good thing but please, please have some sensitivity. Be aware that people might be triggered by it. People might not want to talk about it. People might go silent, step away, go offline etc.  This isn’t rudeness it’s self preservation, sometimes you have to block out stuff you can’t cope with. I’m not sure mass social networking ‘awareness’ is such a good idea, it’s too sensitive a topic to discuss shallowly. It needs depth, people need time and space. See it casually mentioned as just another awareness tweet thing most people don’t really give a shit about but retweet anyway cos y know, appearances, I’m not sure it works.


Feel free to comment, I do love a good debate

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