There’s an interesting twitter debate going on via @Rethink_ on what language to use for mental illness, those who suffer with it (do we suffer or what? ).

It is an interesting debate and I don’t think we should all be called ‘nutters’ ‘loonies’ etc. by the health service but what infuriates me more is all this ‘choice’ bollocks and being a ‘service user; blah blah disguising the fact that access to said services is piss poor. I don’t think ‘Ohh I can choose where I go (which was a choice between, somewhere near and somewhere far away so I like 90% of people chose the place nearest me, duh)  and I get a little password to go on a website, now I feel so much better about having to wait 6 months!’. It’s not that i dislike choice, I dislike the choice rhetoric being used to add a sense of false ’empowerment’ to patients/service users/clients/customers/frustrated people, choice being used as political ammunition and being held up as a beacon of wonder in the NHS when the real problems are glossed over.

I have had to wait months at a time for ‘talking therapies’, despite all my medical professionals knowing I have suicidal thoughts, self harm issues etc. and them professing to worry about me, acknowledge my treatment isn’t working at really. That is normal, I know of someone who still had to go private for counselling after being hospitalised for a suicide attempt. Not that it’s the Drs fault, all they can do is refer and guess at how long it’ll take.

Someone could call me Fartarsewankerscumbitch or whatever and as long as I could be assured of some care being accessible when I need and for as long as a I need it; I swear half my problems come from being left high and dry after my allotted number of therapy sessions are through regardless of how I feel. Knowing your treatment is for a set amount of time adds anxiety and pressure to be ‘O.K’ within the said time limit and an anxiety about being left not O.K and having to go through the whole thing again in the future; which is less than productive when anxiety makes your depression worse. They say it’s a ‘revolving door’ system, perhaps it is as I currently feel like I’m stuck in it going round and round like a silent screen comedy caper.



  1. Lorazepam says:

    Hello Chloe,

    Government leaders and many of the self absorbed people in the world, would prefer that the Mentally Disabled, the Elderly, and the Poor would just crawl off into some far and distant corner of the planet where the beautiful people won’t have to see them anymore, and just die.

    We live in a world where many people have turned their backs on their own humanity, and have taken on the character of ravenous wolves who attack the weakest in the heard for their feasts.

    As if living with Depression wasn’t bad enough already, we also have to deal with criminal governments, unqualified and hateful mental health workers, and other people who walk up right, as if they were once humanbeings, but their actions are more like creatures of the night whose souls are gray and whose hearts have turned black as the night.

    Living with Depression is a difficult journey, and so we Blog about some of it, even if the words are often ignored. This is a weird world we are currently living in.

    Good Luck on your journey.

    – Lorazepam

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